Warren Family Name


An English and German surname of Warren refers to the Old French name of ‘de Warenne‘ and ‘varrenne’, a place in Normandy, France. From the Old German language it meant an enclosure.

Another spelling form for Warren is Warrene.

Warren families originated in Sussex then spread mostly to the southwestern counties of Cornwall, Somerset and Devon. Scotland’s high percentage of Warren families is in Lanarkshire county.

Warren is a common surname in Austria and Germany.

In the United States the Warren surname covers most of the eastern and central states. The higher numbers are in Missouri, Texas, California, Alabama, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Massachusetts, and Tennessee.

Famous: Earl Warren (U. S. Supreme Court Judge), Charles M. Warren (film writer, producer and director), Gouverneur K. Warren (Civil War Union general), John Warren )professional basketball player), Richard Warren (original Plymouth settler who came on the Mayflower in 1620), Freddie Warren (footballer from Wales) and Harry Warren (song writer).

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