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A Scottish and English surname of Webb is from the Old English term of ‘webba’ which means to weave. The Middle English term was ‘webbe’ which also referred to a weaver.

Spellings for Webb included Webbe, Weber, Weberman and Webber.

The English population of Webb is lower compared to other surnames. The major areas with Webb is the London area including Essex and Kent. The Scotland population of Webb is higher compared to England with the individuals named Webb in the central and southern counties.

The Webb surname is in most of the eastern half of the United States and into California with the most numbers. The highest percentage are in Texas and Tennessee.

Famous: Thomas William Webb (19th century English astronomer), James ‘Skeeter’ Webb (professional baseball player), Richard Webb (actor), Paul Webb (developed the space activity suit), Matthew Webb (19th century swimmer who crossed the English Channel), Karrie Webb (professional golfer from Australia), Jack Webb (TV actor) and Francis Webb (designer of the English railway systems and locomotives).

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