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The Wong name is a Cantonese Chinese surname. From Huang which means ‘golden yellow’ and Wang which means ‘king’ or 'prince' comes the surname. The color yellow refers to Mother Earth in the Chinese culture.

The Wong surname comes from the southern end of China. When the English translated the name in the 17th century it was made ‘Wong.’ Another form of the spelling is Vong.

Wong is one of the most common Chinese surnames in China and the world with approximate 60 million people with the Wong surname. The original location for those with the Wong name is China.

The main occupations for Wong families in the 1880s were farming and being a laborer.

In Scotland, just the county of Fife have some individuals with the Wong surname. In England, the counties of Hampshire, Lincolnshire and Staffordshire have the most with the Wong surname. States with Wong populations are California and New York.

Famous: Anna May Wong (Chinese-American film actress in silent, sound films, television, stage, and radio), Bryon Kent Wong (Canadian music producer and musician), Dayo Wong (Hong Kong actor, comedian, singer and screenwriter), Edward Wong (major news reporter and foreign correspondent for the New York Times), James Wong (American television producer, writer and film director), Kailee Wong (professional football player with Minnesota Vikings and Houston Texans), Mayyen Wong (professional ghost hunter in America), Patty Wong (Peruvian-Chinese model and entertainer), Russel Wong (Asian photographer in Singapore), Tyrus Wong (Chinese-American painter, ceramicist, lithographer, designer, muralist and kite maker, working for movie companies), Captain Terry Wong (Canadian helicopter pilot and astronaut) and Winston Wong (Taiwanese businessman and head of the Formosa Plastics Group).

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