Wood Family Name


A Scottish and English surname, Wood is a person who lived in or worked in a wood or forest. It comes from the Middle English term ‘wode‘ or ‘wudu’ which means wood. In the Old English, the term ‘wad’ had the meaning of crazed or crazy. The ancient Scottish form was ‘DeBosco.’

Two additional ways to spell Wood is Woode and Woods.

In England the Wood surname is in Lancashire and Yorkshire counties.
Scotland has Wood families in Lanarkshire and Midlothian counties.

Within the United States most of the eastern half of the country has Wood families. The largest group are in New York.

Famous: Andrew Wood (15th century Scottish admiral), Grant Wood (artist), Barry Wood (singer), Samuel Wood (founder of the New York Institute for the Blind), Hugh Wood (music composer), Joe Wood (professional baseball player), Natalie Wood (actress), Sam Wood (film producer) and Peter H. Wood (historian and writer).

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