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An English and Scottish surname, Workman comes from the Middle English terms ‘weorc’ and ‘mann’ referring to a laborer. The spelling variations for Workman include Wergman, Wirgman, Wortman and Wartman. In England the Workman family name is across most of the country and into some of Wales. The higher population of Workman families live in the city of London, Cheshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. In Scotland the southern region has the greater Workman populations including Lancashire and Ayrshire. Many of the Workman families resettled in the 19th century in Australia, Canada and the United States. Within the United States the Workman families originated in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan. Famous: Reggie Workman (musician), Shanelle Workman (television actress), William Workman (early pioneer settler first in New Mexico and then southern California), Peter Workman (founder of Workman Publishing Company in USA), Ian Workman (professional footballer of England), William Hunter Workman (19th century explorer of Sahara desert and Himalayan Mts.), Haywoode Workman (professional basketball player and later referee), Charles H. Workman (actor and singer from England) and Hank Workman (professional baseball player).

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